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The Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP) is the arrival airport in Bucharest. It is situated 16,5 km in the North of Bucharest.

How to get to the city


From the airport you can take the Express-Bus lines 783 (to Piata Unirii, city centre) or 780 (to Gara de Nord / North trainstation). From the arrivals hall you have to go to level -1 (there is an escalator to level -1 right in front of the hall windows) and the bus stop is just outside, the ticket point being located to the right as you go out. The buses leave at an interval of approx. 30 minutes or less. The Express Busses travel full time, both during day and night.

Travel card: Magnetic cards are used for travelling by public transportation in Bucharest. The card can be bought from the ticket point (please note that you cannot purchase the card inside the bus). The card valid for 4 travels (round trip from and to the airport plus connecting bus) costs 10 lei (2,25 EUR). Once you get in the Express-Bus you have to validate the card at the orange box inside the bus. The ride to the city centre takes up to 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on the traffic.


You can also choose to take a taxi or an Uber drive. In the arrivals hall there are ATMs „taxi la comandă” from which you can order a taxi. Please keep in mind its code so as to recognize it later. The ride takes 30-50 minutes, depending on your arrival time, and costs around 50 RON. Further instructions will be given to you by the ATM programme.

We strongly advise you to only take a taxi ordered from the ATM or an Uber car ordered from your application.

More information for local public transport in Bucharest for buses, trams and trolleybuses can be found here: For metro stations and routes please find the map below.

Also, you can always design your route and get directions on Google Maps.

You can find the exact location of several important places by using the Conference Locations Map embedded below. Also, the map can be saved to Your Maps in Google Maps, by using this link.

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