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Since 2018, the Solidarity Lab is a member of the largest social research network in the world, CIRIEC.

CIRIEC, initially named the “International Center for Research and Information on Collective Economics” was created in 1947 by Professor Edgard MILHAUD, a French economist at the University of Geneva.

Subsequently, it became the International Research and Information Center on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy – CIRIEC, a non-governmental international scientific organization.

Its objectives are to ensure and promote the collection of information, scientific research and the publication of papers on economic sectors and activities oriented to services of general and collective interest:

  • social economy: cooperatives, mutual societies and non-profit associations
  • the action of the state and regional and local public authorities in economic fields (economic policy, regulation);
  • public services;
  • public and mixed enterprises at national, regional and local level;

In these different areas, CIRIEC develops activities that are of interest to both decision-makers and scientific researchers. CIRIEC regularly reports on the state of social economy in Europe for the European Economic and Social Committee.  Members of the Solidarity Lab regularly contributed to these reports with information regarding Romania.

More about CIRIEC here:

See below the CIRIEC Recognition Letter:

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