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The project contributes to capitalizing on the potential of the lower Danube meadow, an area of extremely valuable natural resources, including about 135-140 islands sheltering rare species of plants.


The National Union of the Mutual Help Houses of Employees in Romania – UNCARSR and the Solidarity Lab have started the project FINCare – Financial Literacy through Social Financial Institutions, a project for the development of the financial education capacity of the mutual help houses in Romania.

Romanian Mountain Commons Project

The extensive research of contemporary Romanian land commons is unprecedented. Our database includes 329 surveyed cases of commons. We collected data from 20% of the existing number of commons in Romania, accounting for nearly 1/2 of the forests owned by the commons and nearly 1/3 of the surface of pasture owned.


The project CooPerformance – Digital, state-of-the-art agribusiness education for farmer led enterprises in the agri-food value chain aims to improve the training of teachers and students in the field of cooperative enterprises and related good practices and policies in the agri-food sector.

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